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A clean and healthy environment is proven to motivate staff and increase efficiency and at CPM we have a proud reputation as the No.1 choice for in Sydney, offering a professional service to organisations across the east coast.

Fast, friendly and efficient cleaning work at very competitive prices…

Whatever you’’re commercial cleaning requirements, we are available to help – our service covers everything from one-off cleans to a regular cleaning service. We employ an experienced team of reliable and fully trained cleaning staff and all our employees are required to meet rigorous standards with regard to health and safety training.

CPM Cleaning are specialists in industrial and commercial cleaning. We supply these services to predominantly the commercial sector. We offer a wide variety of services to the Offices, Schools, Pubs & Clubs, Hotel Chains, Shops, Dentist Offices, Clinics and many more.

Office Cleaning Services

“The office cleaners turn up, but it doesn’t look like they do anything.” If this is you, then it’s time you spoke to our expert. CPM Cleaning Services provide reliable , specialising in making your work place, be it an office cleaning service, shop or factory look just as it should, spotlessly clean and well looked after.

If you like our rates for our office cleaning service we’ll visit your premises and produce a thorough office cleaning service specification for you, detailing daily, weekly and monthly tasks, then the CPM Cleaning Services based ‘training teams’ will ‘blitz’ your premises to the standard of cleanliness and sparkle that you’ll enjoy on an ongoing basis.

Whether it is Daily, Weekly (or any variation for that matter) office cleaning service you are looking for, CPM Cleaning can meet your requirements. From single offices to twenty-storey office blocks and complexes we can help no matter how big or small or how many cleaning hours you require. We don’t tie our customers into long contracts, we believe that our high quality service ensures that customers want to stay with us in the long run.

CPM Cleaning Services - The Benefits?

Almost every business and commercial organisation requires a certain level of cleanliness in order to function at its very best, our current clients are from a wide range of business sectors and include office buildings, schools, pubs & clubs, hotel chains, shops, dentist offices and clinics.

A clean office is a happy and productive office, so utilising our CPM cleaning services will not only improve the mood of you and your staff but will also prove well worth the investment in the long run, thanks to higher productivity levels.

Our dedication to helping the environment means that we use environmentally friendly cleaning products in order to minimise our impact on the ozone.

Our Office Cleaning Service Guarantees

Fair Price

Fully Trained & Trustworthy Staff

High Quality & Professional Service

Excellent Customer Service


Pub & Club Cleaning Service

This service has been designed for Pubs & Clubs with no time on their hands to complete the extensive job of thoroughly cleaning their premises. After a long evening of serving customers and completing paperwork the last thing you want to do is clean!

Our experienced and qualified cleaners will visit your premises in regular intervals of your choice to complete those laborious pub cleaning tasks you haven’t got time to do. We understand that regulations are tight when it comes to pub cleanliness, where food and drink is being served to paying customers, and we will ensure that your entire premises are spotless.

Similar to our pub cleaning service, the club cleaning service we offer involves our experienced, fully trained and insured cleaners visiting your premises in regular intervals of your choice.

The Club Cleaning and Pub Cleaning Service Includes

Entrance Area / Foyer

Behind the Bar(s)

Customer Side of Bar(s)

Dance Floor(s)

Standing & Seating Area(s)

CPM cleaning holds contracts with pubs and clubs of all sizes and with many different specialist requirements. We understand that every client has completely different requirements and make a huge effort to ensure that these are met and expectations exceeded.


School Cleaning Service

Cleaning up after messy school children can be a nightmare and difficult to manage. If you are responsible for the contracting out of cleaning services for a school or several schools then consider CPM cleaning.

Equally if you are experiencing trouble with your current contract cleaner and want to change to a reliable, experienced and trustworthy cleaning services company give us a call today on 1300 276 253

The quality of our cleaning service is our number 1 priority and we guarantee the results of our work will meet your expectations and hopefully exceed them. Reputation is also paramount and has resulted in many of our customers choosing our cleaning services simply because of great things friends, family and colleagues have said.

Our School Cleaning Service Includes

Teaching Areas

Storage Area(s)

Staff Area(s)

Student Communal Area(s)

CPM cleaning holds contracts with schools of all sizes and with many different specialist requirements. We understand that every client has completely different requirements and make a huge effort to ensure that these are met and expectations exceeded.


Hotel Cleaning Service

The hotel demands a housekeeping operation which is both efficient and productive and causes the minimum disturbance to guests. CPM cleaning has the pedigree and has proven to be the company that meets the cleaning challenges posed by a hotel.

CPM cleaning has an excellent reputation for highly professional cleaners using high-quality cleaning machines, which are built to last and easy to use. You can trust us to provide a cost-effective cleaning solution which would meet all our needs.

For “The non-slip, resinous floors in most hotel kitchens with very rough surface which can become ingrained with debris during the day

CPM cleaning can give these floors a really deep clean at night to remove all debris in the surface and leave it clean, dry and safe. We deliver perfect results every time.

We are experienced in all aspects of hotel cleaning and can undertake specialist tasks including overnight cleaning, deep cleaning of catering areas and the special treatment of decorative finishes, such as marble.



Questions you need to ask yourself

Office Rosters, is everyone involved ?

Meeting rooms, are they cleaned for the next meeting ?

Boardrooms, are they redressed after they have been used ?

Kitchens, is everyone cleaning up after themselves ?

Dishwasher, who enjoys looking after the refilling & emptying ?

Cups, are they being left in the sink and around the office ?

Who is keeping your office tidy throughout the day ?


CPM can provide you with a helping hand (Part Time or Full Time)

You will be suprised on how little it costs



Neutralise unwanted odours in restrooms for use in Urinals, biodegradable and last up to 9 weeks. Available cin Lemon, Mango, Ocean Mist, Spiced Apple.

100% Recycable, no need for batteries or dispensers, 24 hour Fragrance dispersal. Ideal for Cars, Washrooms, Air Conditioners, Homes / Caravans, Offices, Boats etc. Available in Mango Breeze, Kiwi Grapefruit, Cucumber Melon, Apple Cinnamon.

Super leight weight Backpack (4.2Kg), 1200 watt Motor with a 5 year warranty on parts and labour, Hepa Filter.

Silverlined Rubber Gloves
Blue or Pink. Available in Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Vinyl Gloves – Clear
Lightly Powdered or Powder Free Available in Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Nitrile Gloves
Blue or Black Available in Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Latex Gloves – Clear
Lightly Powdered or Powder Free. Available in Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

2 Ply x 400 Sheet Toilet Rolls (Ind. Wrapped)
2 Ply x 400 Sheet Toilet Rolls (4 Pack)
2 Ply x 700 Sheet Toilet Rolls
3 Ply x 225 Sheet Toilet Rolls
2 Ply x 250 Sheet Interleaved Toilet Tissue
2 Ply x 300 Metre Jumbo Toilet Rolls

19cm x 300 Metre Centrepull Hand Towel
18cm x 80 Metre Roll Towel
23cm x 24cm Interleaved Hand Towel (Ultraslim)
29.9cm x 19cm Interleaved Hand Towel (Compact)
23.5cm x 24cm Interleaved Hand Towel (Slimline)
24cm x 30cm Interleaved Hand Towel (Large)

510 x 510 Flat Seal
27 Litre White or Black (Rolls)
36 Litre White or Black (Rolls)

54 Litre Heavy Duty Black
73 Litre General Purpose Blue / Black
73 Litre Superior Black
73 Litre Ultra Superior Black
82 Litre General Purpose Blue / Black
82 Litre Superior Black
82 Litre Ultra Superior Black
120 Litre Superior Black
120 Litre Ultra Superior Black
240 Litre Superior Black
240 Litre Ultra Superior Black



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